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Welcome to Feel Good Not Guilty About Being a Working Mum

Feel Good Not Guilty About Being A Working Mum

"Parenthood is part joy, part guerrilla warfare" (Ed Asner, actor)

Being a mum is the most important job you'll ever do in your life. It is also the toughest! Working mums face one of the greatest and most stressful challenges. Not only are they struggling to combine two demanding roles - mum and employee - they are struggling with powerful feelings of guilt.

9 out of 10 working mums feel guilty about being away from their children, do you?

This programme offers 10 interactive sessions that working mums can complete in 30 minutes. Each session includes top tips and the opportunity for mums to create a positive, practical guilt-busting action plan. By investing this time, mums can significantly reduce feelings of guilt and boost energy levels by focusing on a specific issue that is impacting negatively on them and creating an effective strategy to deal with it.

The sessions cover the top 10 issues that working mums feel guilty about including shouting, childcare, toddler tantrums and lack of time. Mums can pick and choose the sessions that are particularly relevant to them - so they can do just one or work their way through all of them. The decision is theirs.

They can make positive decisions that will help them feel good - not guilty - about being a working mum:

"But while being a mother is admittedly a lifelong preoccupation, it cannot, should not, must not be a lifelong occupation..." (Melinda M. Marshall)

This will be good for their families and their colleagues but most of all - it will be good for them!

It is a new resource for pioneering employers who value working mums and want to provide support for them.

If you are an HR Manager, Head of Diversity or Head of Parent Support Network looking for groundbreaking initiatives for your company, Feel Good Not Guilty About Being A Working Mum is for you!

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